in english 4

-1- What was your motivation to participate to this mission?

It was my personal and professional curiosity about what the issues are during such a long trip in order to provide solutions when the real mission to Mars will materialize. That, and a will of having a unique experience that will have great influence in the future of mankind.

-2- What was the most difficult to leave behind in order to participate ?

The freedom of going anywhere and doing anything I want to do, and get easily informed about things that I am interested in.

-3- For more thant 200 days you are in the modules. What do you think is the most difficult to bear?

The bottleneck in communications that means using only emails and the days in which there is not much activity programmed.

-4- If you could receive something that you forgot to take inside what would it be ?

I would get different hobby kits that would help me keep busy in those days I mentioned before.

-5- If this experiment was planned on a module fixed to the ISS – 400 km above our heads – would you be more motivated? Same motivation? Or would you have had some concerns?

Being enclosed in a box would certainly be more exciting if you were orbiting around the Earth, seeing such a beautiful planet every day from a unique perspective. That would be a big game changer.

From a scientific point of view, it would be better for the physiological part of the experiment as we could take a better look at things like bone loss and muscle atrophy, but on the other hand we wouldn’t be able to simulate surface spacewalks like we will do, plus, the astronauts in a trip to Mars won’t have the luxury of this big beautiful planet helping them psychologically, and it is something that, alas, we need to simulate. While going to space would be very exciting and motivating, I guess this mission offers a good scientific-economic compromise.

-6- On the day when you get out of the modules, after the newspapers, the television and your family, what will be your first reflex? Smell the air? Drink something? East something really greasy? Bite in a fruit? Hug some people in the street? Smoke a cigarette? Other?

I think I will want to be able to talk to more people and walk about in large spaces. I’ll probably want to eat a big steak, but surprisingly, in the future I would like to continue a good healthy diet similar to what we have had in here. I will want to go to Parc Asterix or somewhere really full of rollercoasters soon after I get out

Thank’s Diego, and verry good trip !

Steve Légère


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