In English 3

Third interview in March 500,

this time it’s Charles Romain who has agreed

to play the game of questions for you.

-1 – What motivated you to participate in this tour?

As (almost) all the little boys I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Growing up I vowed never to abandon that dream and, through my education and my early work experiences, I have sought to develop skills that would allow me to jump on an opportunity if it arose. My first goal was to approach the spatial world that made me dream as a kid. The project Mars 500 I was immediately interested because he allowed me to hear inside a large space project with international cooperation.Also, I really want to answer « yes! « To the question posed by this project: » Is that man is capable, psychologically and physiologically, to go to Mars? . If I can contribute a little to this great project of humanity which is to colonize other worlds, I would be delighted.

-2 – What was the hardest to give up to convince you to do?

I do not think of abandoning people or things by participating in the Mars 500. I just made the choice to change « job » as do thousands of people every day. I still have to admit that my apartment with sea views to St Malo may miss me a little …

-3 – For almost 200 days that you are in the module, you think what is hardest to bear?

I think the most difficult to sustain for the moment is food. Everything we eat is very good but (yes, there is a but!), We have a strict menu to follow daily. So I can not eat what I want when I want. In fact, all our meals are related to a German experiment on our salt intake and its effects on the body.

-4 – If you could receive an item that you forgot to bring what would it be?

If I could get a few things, I think I will ask for comics. I did not take with me on issues of weight and space but I wish I could read for the umpteenth time some of the comics I love (Battle Angel Alita, Valerian, Lanfeust (1 cycle), etc.. .).Fortunately, in the gifts that my family had prepared in advance for my birthday I discovered the Volume 4 of the Notes Boulet. I re-re-read frequently.

-5 – If the experiment had been scheduled to take place in a module attached to the ISS, 400 km above our heads, would you have been so motivated? More motivated? Or would you rather marked some hesitation?

My dream is to reach this border curtain of humanity which is the space. If the Mars 500 project was conducted in the ISS, I was about 400 times more motivated and I would have had no hesitation.

-6 – The day you get out of the module, after the press, television and family, what will be your first instinct outside? Breathe the air? A drink? Eat a good fatty stuff true? eat fruit? tighten bystanders in your arms? smoke a cigarette? Other?

If the day of our output can be ideal when the sun shines high in the sky and go on the terrace of a café which is situated in a park to enjoy the fresh air, enjoy a beer and chat with friends. Fat products, fruits and « Free Hugs » will come after.

Thank you very much Romain,

Par Steve Légère.


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