in English

-1 –

What was your motivation to participate in this mission?

To learn more and become professional, to improve.

-2 –

What was most difficult to leave to participate?

Adapt to this new environment, including separate languages, culture, food,

and the same challenge is loneliness long for us all.

-3 –

For more than 200 days in the module, you think what is hardest to bear?
All is not easy for me I think it’s the food.

-4 –

If you could get something you forgot to take the inside what would it be?

I ask the Earth, if I could.

-5 –

If this experiment had been planned on a module attached to the ISS – 400 km above our heads – would you be more motivated? Much, or more?
Highly motivated course.

Maybe we should change the trim of the module for

first materials such as metal for example.

-6 –

The day you get out of the modules, the newspapers, television and your family, what will be your first reaction? Smell the air? A drink? eat something really fatty? bite into a fruit? hug people in the street? Smoking a cigarette? Other?

One may well … it all at once, it would be great!

Wang thank you!

Steve Légère


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