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… the space-food to the French!
Today, in full Mars 500, if the technologies are the business of our science center space, it is an important sector, and the remarks of Roman and his colleagues confirmed, it is the power .
Indeed, we all know how important it is to eat, especially when you are isolated, far from home and even away from his planet, food becomes a means to communicate with its earthly memories, tastes, odors that are associated with the existence of each day brings comfort, and permanent capital for the morale of astronauts. after the first human flight with Yuri Gagarin M April 12, 1961 there was the first man who has eaten in space August 6, 1961 Ghernam Stepanovich Titov, with two servings of meat puree tube and a chocolate sauce.
In this context, France is a gastronomic benchmark world could not ignore the fusion aspect of eating well, even in space.

Jacomus, created by Jean-Jacques Bersoult specializes in space-food the French way with local products, and developing rations space to learn a little better contact than his holy good god Jean Jacques answered my questions.

 Interview with Jean-Jacques Bersoult

-1 – How did you get the idea of ​​embarking on this crazy challenge to assert yourself in the restaurant space, what year?

 It started with the beginnings of space exploration in which cradled my youth I was born in 1959. of course I became interested in what to my 9 years in 1968 with Apollo 8 (Christmas meal around the moon), also a link seems to follow me, because my mother told me that when I ‘ had two years I am a strange nightmare, I’m the relationship with premiersanimaux and men in space and in particular with Stepanovich Titov Ghernam in 1961 who was the first man to eat in space, * (6 August 1961, 50 years ago)

After there was the first man on the moon in 1969, I was marked as it was to come in 1971 in my hometown for the inauguration of gym (see related story) first steps of man on the moon, the broken dreams of a Barentinois (76) Indeed he did not come, but there was an exhibition with a moonstone and the little son of Jules Verne.

-2 – What was the most complicated step to achieving your company beyond the single project?

Since the idea of ​​doing this for 40 years of man on the moon (see article on the commemoration dinner with the leader of the cosmos Angles Park (30) in having to give a lecture on the history of Food in Space)

I started using the internet to get in touch with people related with it, especially I exchanged emails for over a year with Madame Kloer responsible space food to NA SA, and with the mother of the Heer European Space Agency, the language was sometimes a concern but these people faient evidence of much attention and it very well. The stage thus was the hardest time (which does not exist)

-3 – Is there a competition in France today in this sector are likely to offer you that?

 According to my information I do know that Mr. Alain Ducas.

-4 – What are the main conditions to be able to offer space agencies your food portions?

I have no special conditions for this, I only think of perpetuating the tastes and good land supply in future space missions is very important.

-5 – What are the dishes you have chosen to propose to the astronauts?

Initially this is based on the study of dishes already embarked on missions since the beginning of manned flight and the perception of the tastes of those, in fact the taste is perceived differently than on Earth, this is due to weightlessness,

Several accounts of spacemen tell that the dishes should have a more intense flavor to be appreciated in these conditions, hence my idea of ​​dishes with truffles is a dish very powerful and also rare dishes using in special occasions (first step on Mars, luxury hotel in space) ….

I currently have 3 recipes for dishes prepared with freeze-dried truffle Tuber melanosporum variety from the Provencal region or that hold the key markets of the precious fungus.

The scrambled eggs or scrambled

Tagliatelle with cream

Chocolate mousse

-6 – In general, how your proposals are viewed from space agencies?

My idea was well received ties as part of the head of NASA space food that different people share the ESA in which I hope more collaboration.

-7 – What is the biggest challenge you face in your efforts?

as said before the language was sometimes worries but this was overtaken by passion, then he had to find my company agrees to freeze-dried meals for the manufacture and have the certificates required.

My samples are in progress in manufacturing, a problem remains, that of the nozzle to receive water storage for future in space!

-8 – How did your friends react when you announced you rush into this narrow path?

Initially it was seen as a utopian idea and again (see article from the January 9, 2011 Dauphine) c is still taken to the unpredictable!

-9 – Have you taken risks on a personal, professional or financial? Who?

I am working a lot at the point of view time and my research, I am professionally in the race because my main activity is the promotion of wine with any good recipes that go with

From a financial standpoint I do this with my own money and passion

10 – A word to conclude?

I hope for the future times we may preserve and protects the products deemed to be good, both in health and in spirits.

Thank you Jean-Jacques Bersoult, and good luck to Jacomus for French products in space!




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