letter 10

Letter 10 –

Mars 500 module,


Steve Legere (tenth letter)

Hello to all six, now here you are on the way back to this earth in your sight can only grow until it reaches your entire field of vision. The spring was installed, bringing calm and gentleness that is so lacking elsewhere in the world.

On your side, how does the return, do you cross on the walls? Since the end of the mission on the ground and the return that will last a bit anyway, have you noticed a change in the moral or the son of discussions? Do you often talk about after the mission? Among the six of you, some members going to continue in the space sector? And for others, how you apprehend the return to normal life, what is most difficult?

Enough questions for now because there are others, so wishing you a safe journey over the days of April (by the way, have you made April fools of you?) Genus Hey, Diego, or Romain, you have to abandon the mission, it is written (in Russian) said Mikael? ☺

With that, we will have the opportunity to contact you again in April, and little message for Diego, « Keep an eye on your thread Twitter, a big surprise will happen, even six surprises …

See you soon fellow travelers, stellar winds that pushes you to your lucky stars!


Laurent Chandemerle:

Well hello to the crew. Lawrence.

Yannig Lamour (text for you!)

« The text to send you all my sincerity and my support to your trip.

Marsforever (I LOVE YOU)



(+ Image heart)

Jack Suire (Photo of Grand Bé de Saint Malo)

Now that March is behind you, the new direction of Grand Bé Saint Malo (photo)

Irina, engineer

Hello, marsonauts!

I congratulates you are cosmonaut The Coming Day (April 12)!

Александр, большое спасибо за Ваше поздравление. Мне было очень приятно прочитать его! Кстати, первый экзамен я сдала на отл., Спасибо за Вашу поддержку! Следующий экзамен – в конце апреля.

Well, The spring has come. Although, the middle of March & the and were very cold. The winter did « not give in. Goal now, the snow melts and starlings Quickly flys.

I wish you travel back home and peaceful spring mood.

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks in advance!

Your sincerely,

Earthling, environmental engineer (chemist) Irina

Oxana (Hello!)

I congratulate you! You’ve Passed Another Milestone!:) (Excusez-moi, I do not know how it s written in French for now) 300 days – is remarkable! We wish you a lot of optimism and good humor, insurance, success in all your projects and major new achievements!

On the occasion of the birthday to your commanding officer (with a delay, it has Already Passed, goal nevertheless) we wish him many things and a more prosperous life!

Good luck to you all!

Jacomus (jacomus space food)

My samples are ready. (Photo)

Started in March with Eve Angeli! and Jacomus (photo)

singer Eve Angeli by on Mars, too, at the end of the year with curiosity

welcome back to all jacomus

matangie64 (BON VOYAGE !!!!)

First I WANT !!!!! and then I wish you a great trip and hopes to live long enough to experience it myself (gif)

Papou (Real or unreal?)

Hello everyone.

Do you really feel like being on Mars or is that from time to time, in hindsight, you know you’re in a tunnel for a workout?

Good luck to all.

Frandu12 (message to the crew)

Hi I would like to leave a message on the letter 10:

I wish a happy birthday to Alexey Sitevi from all readers of the blog space and I wanted to asked what are the main mechanism serves the great events since their return in the module life

Lune (20 March 2011)

On Earth today is spring!

These first buds are for you in Mars 500.

What have you harvested on Mars?

Welcome back to Earth where we look at Mars in the sky!

See you soon!

And thank you to Roman answer all our questions (flower photo)

Matthieu Sager (Welcome back!)

Hello to you marsonautes!

Every time I come on the news, I’m a little surprised at what you do, I think it’s great to see how the mission goes well, because 300 days is already huge!

I wish you good luck and welcome back!

Jean-Pierre CANTIE (Homeward)


I wish you a safe journey home. Did you work on your findings on the ground in March, or your samples remain locked until you return?

You’re living an incredible adventure.

I am happy to send you this quick note to congratulate you. Through your letters, I live with you this fabulous adventure.

Receive my sincere handshakes and all my friends.

J.Pierre. Cantié.

Galaxien (How will our beloved astronauts?)

Hello to you all. I hope everything goes well and that the return goes smoothly.

Romain thank you for your reply regarding the « privacy » in space, it’s nice to have replied. I know this is a touchy subject but I suspected that this matter should tickle the neurons of scientists, even if they prefer to remain discreet. Science can not leave this aspect is essential for the future of manned space travel.

Also, I see you participate in the actual mission. I hope and I have no doubt that you will do your utmost to attend. France is counting on you and me too, a French man on Mars …

Let me ask you a question if you do not mind: How does the space agency or, how do you manage to psychologically condition you for this mission knowing that you are aware of the simulation, compared to « if it was in real condition? The challenge, stress, isolation, concentration, being almost delivered to you in all cases, good or dangerous etc.. Are very different given the context, then, how did you mentally, you say you?

So much for today. I wish you all my best wishes and encouragement.

Galaxien from milky way!

Nyos (quick question)

A quick question for the team in Mars 500, (to pass by the next post).

If the day / night cycle is easy to simulate playing in a module with artificial lighting, do you and the crew morale, it would be nice to have a HD screen (large) broadcasting a film of terrestrial landscape, a film that was recorded before the start.

Let me explain,

– Two years before we start filming continuously (day and night), a single point of reference, changes in a landscape over the season, with nothing to retouch film

-We put it all on hard drive

And the film is viewed continuously on the big screen, as if we had a window to see the changing seasons.

It’s easy to make, and I think that to fight against expulsion, maybe an idea? no ..

Thank you to convey to the team in Mars 500, you would like to have different opinions ..

(Ok that is a lot of GB!)

Remi Astronome:

A message for Roman:

Congratulations for 300 days!

Do you feel that you really being in space, thousands of miles from Earth, or, conversely, you feel that you are on Earth?

Good luck for the rest of the trip!

Remi astronomer, the Forum of space exploration.


(Thank you for your participation, for your messages and your photos. Steve Légère)


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