letter 5


Hello to all six, a big hello in this fall that feels terribly winter in this alternation of mild days and cold days. A few days ago, the storm surprised me in the street, a brief downpour soaked me like a soup and ended with small hail, I was expecting to see snow close this outburst ephemeral but no, I crossed the street while swimming (almost) and got back to me dry! The trees outside my window (of the trees and cherry trees) still have their leaves, and many are still green, but it starts to fall apart, begin to spread odors of humus and ozone. The agony of plants, which like the cicadas who danced in the warm breeze of summer is palpable to the senses. We see the fall, we feel, we hear crunching under our feet, we wrinkle our hands by dying leaves, and taste of dishes like a hearty winter inspires us closer to us than is virtually in your module space. Unfortunately we can send you link « olfactory ». The two hundred days are approaching, from the mail last month what the news of your experiments, your tests and your morale?

My question of the month for the smell:

separated from the world for a long enough (or very) long, have you or would you like to see a sort of sample hundreds of scents of life, flowers, sea, forests, cooking, etc. .. . To remind yourself of events? Do you miss it?

cyril Sacchetti:

to infinity and beyond!

I keep thinking about your exploits every day that God fait.Lorsque night falls and I see the sky, I always that twinge that makes me sometimes throw me a few decades forward in time or your feat will be recorded in history books and engraved in your journey mémoires.Courage gentlemen, our thoughts are with you.

Привет!您好! Hi! ¡El saludo! Hello everyone! Ciao!

Guys, WE Hope That You’re Staying Healthy and in a good mood! Do not Kick Each Other! 🙂 Please do not forget about your readers and your blogs. Our special thanks to Diego (& Elena ESA team) for historical microblog! We’ll be waiting for your messages from the ‘spacecraft’ & the 200-day-celebration on December 20th. Hope you’ll all celebrate anniversaries this funny!Do not miss’ em! Especially your birthdays! 🙂 We’re So Proud of You and your mission! Take care & good luck! &

Black Wolf somou

Good luck and remember to send us some nice pictures.

Ch Oxana 

Hello to everyone! With Every new day you come to your hand Closely more loved, and the 5-th month Of The mission has Already Passed too! Thank you for your photos and letters, from Which We Know about your progress, life and feelings. It’s very important for us too. Roman, I should « say it’s so nice to see your sunny smiles again That I can not help smiling in return (Judging by your last picture feels)! Keep it up! And thank you for your short messages work.From your weekends Have Some notions about your schedule and leisure time, So We Hope that you all are Keeping well at work and learn foreign languages, art, history, read books and etc.. And Also Perform your music Equally well, arent you? By the Way, It Would Be very nice to hear your music oz … Our Life on the Earth goes in icts chain of events of warm autumn days. The beginning of November Has not Become The Exception To The Rule. To let you know what’s going on here in the Streets, Two photos are you to feel: the One Is about autumn in Russia and Another IS from France. Good luck and keep good spirits, cheerful mood and Have Harmony in your teamwork! Always look at the bright side of life! Oxana.

Jean Jacques Bersoult (jacomus space food)

Eat in space greetings from our land!

What are the meals that you enjoy most about your subject? soon I will make meal samples originals, but I’ve already sent a video, until finally, good food bouffeJacomus space.


I think what you are doing is great. I Think What You are doing is great. Bonjour.Je find what you are doing is great. Simulated trip to Mars return is great. I cut out some newspaper article I found talking vous.Moi, I’d be an astronaut when I grow up, if I walk on Mars I would think vous.Hello.I Think What You are doing is great .Simulated trip to Mars return is great. Some I cut out newspaper article I found talking to you.Me, I’d Be an astronaut When I grow up, if I walk on Mars I think of you.

Benoît Carrière.

Little gift for Roman: 

click to show

Gilles Wallez

Good luck for this simulated mission that will bring us lots of lessons for future Mars missions. You are pioneers!


(View on the future of space)

Hello there, adventurers of the 21st century! For nearly 200 days as you advance in space exploration while on Earth, but a few quick questions Taroda me in my little head young teenager. For you, is that the future space exploration will be directed next manned missions or more robotic missions? And what celestial object (planets, asteroids, etc.)? Who will undertake these missions, international cooperation or a country then only in order to show his power like in the Apollo? Thanks in advance for your answers Baptist curious great space for … always!

Violine 777

Bravo for this blog Thanks to Romain Steve and I have since the beginning of the mission through my page on Facebook Roscosmos .. Привет Россию экипажа!


(Good luck) 

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soon, we’ll keep you informed of what’s happening on earth!

Isabelle Anquetil Canales

I wish you a safe journey back to your quickly learn more about life on mars vince cordially and isa.


(Greetings and encouragement)

Hello March 500.

I especially want to congratulate all the Roman and the mission team (also Steve for his excellent work) I’m happy, passion and joy for you.

I really appreciate that you take your time to answer us with kindness and understanding, which we can only dream through you. A fine example of humanism and respect, bravo to all, thank you Roman!

I hope the human difficulties (psychological and physical) and techniques related to the mission will be resolved and they will not take any risks to the crew during the real mission to Mars.

My few curiosities:

What concerns you most and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the future mission to you?

Do you think after this experience and training, make every part of the trip?

What do you expect to find on Mars that is not provided by the mission?

What would be your reaction to a mixed male / female for this mission?

What do you feel when you see the Earth away from your vision, and once you do see any more?

Last one, do you have a specific date of departure?

The people of our « blue jewels » count on you, you are not alone, our « spirits » with you! Those who trample on the first floor of Mars will be forever engraved in the history of space exploration, but above all, the colonization of another planet that our cradle, Earth …
The emancipation of man can finally begin.
Sincere greetings to all, good luck and good luck. Galaxien.

Rita cafora

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I like to know how you feel emotionally (since if I recall five months of isolation) and sometimes if you do not regret having accepted such responsibility, and experience very difficult, I wish you courage and of happiness …

Messages from the Forum of space exploration:

Tatiana12 (01/11)

First, every encouragement to Romain for this experiment, small question:

Have you heard about the adventure of Chilean miners and what comparisons, what feelings do you have against your own experience in March-500?


As Malouin, is not too hard to have missed the start of the Route du Rhum 2010?What is your favorite?


Firstly good luck for this difficult task! But some cons you clear the way – time – that will take us to Mars and so you are pioneers.

Any questions? How relations are structured to your group? Y-a-he defined positions? And if so what is your position?


Since the issues that anger begins, another question: By what means, martionautes, they follow the news of their country, or they are on Mars and they do not care about what happens on the planet Earth, ie a martionaute Should have retired at 62 or 67 years?


Since we are discussing quite often living conditions and some forms of self-sufficiency that would enable a reduction in payload when real mission: – the food rations they expect to test some exotic dishes like « the cake joujourbe » or « mashed spirulina?

– Tests for the « greenhouse food » which they are carried out to produce some fresh food? Should there be « attentive care » for this shoot? Is there simultaneously testing equipment for recycling these greenhouses?


Hep, they will not say it, but in fact you’re in a real spaceship to Mars …. Quite the trick to solve the problem of psychological distance from the earth ….

Ok, sorry, I go out, but before I wish you good luck for the future …


Hello and good luck to you.

I have one simple question.

Do you often feel the need to isolate them from each other because of your confinement?


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