letter 6

from jack to the crew

Steve Légère

Hello module

for the sixth letter, I first want to thank you all six of the exclusivity that we offer you to exchange letters regularly.

This is an opportunity for many of us can do (a little) advantage of a scientific mission, space, and which will anyway engraved in the history of international space exploration.

Thank you to all who follow and support this project with passion, whether in Europe or anywhere in the world.

And a big thank you to the « pals March 500, which by their letters form the core support for your mission.

News from the earth, at least in France, the winter cold settles with certainty, the cold biting fingers, but the sky is blue (like my fingers for that matter).

The Christmas decorations are starting to replace the trees, the branches become green string lights, fruit off the hook gave way to the balls and small figures hanging from the trees. The smells of mulled wine fill the Christmas markets, the smells of roasted chestnuts sold in subway stations spread throughout the Parisian streets.Twice shy flakes already have ventured into the capital, but did not survive, life is hard in Paris, even for a snowflake.

Everywhere else the snow spreads its white coat, I just want the evening to go home to put on my slippers and stick me in front of the fireplace … Problem, I have no slippers and no chimney either. So I flip on the heater!

The cherry tree in front of me is completely stripped, the swallows no longer be far from Kilimanjaro, pigeons shiver, and Father Christmas again its inventory, it seems ready for his long and single working day, but what a day!

Good luck to all six, in a few days you will receive the poster of the 200 days that I’ve prepared, and that many of us have signed, I hope you enjoy it.

Wang, thank you for your interview, I will publish shortly before Christmas, see you soon from you at all, and good portion of the mark of 200 days.

your Christmas tree becomes virtually the tree farthest from the planet, but the decorations are all inseparable links that you attach whatever your distance from the Earth, men, and the life we all go through at the same speed or whether we are, and whatever we do.

This month’s question: (for Wang):

Christmas approaching, how do you perceive Is it customary in China to celebrate Christmas, or is there a equivalent? Under what circumstances?

Galaxien voie-lactée

Greetings to all. 
 I could not be more pleased that finally the old man’s dream will become reality. MARS, what extraordinary adventure! 
 Then, as I said earlier on March 500, I really want to thank all the people who work around this ambitious and essential for the evolution of space exploration. Also thanks to Steve for his work and sharing. 
 Good luck to brave astronauts, take in the sights and spirit, and you tell us your wonder to us, the passion (s)!

First of all I want to personally thank Romain us respond as constructively and sympathetically. I hope you are all well, not too eager to find your / our little habits! ?

If I can still say so, here’s a sample from my new questions like:

What would your phrase (like Armstrong in 1969), but especially your mind, when asking for the first foot on another planet, Mars, in this case?

What are your top three priorities (in general) out of the mission?

During the actual mission, you can use the Internet, via NASA in space and on Mars to keep in touch with your « crib »? (Steve would be happy!)

What vision of our own species do you have when you return to our beautiful blue?

I end not to make too long with this last question, do you think any human sense is more disturbed or altered than others from this experience and, if so, which one and why?

Come on, a little patience, and you will be amazed by your experiences and hopes that you’ll have built through this adventure, and thanks to all scientists who have to work as a result of the mission to prepare for departure. ..

The world is with you!

Sincere greetings to all, Galaxien.

Yannig Lamour

Hello to all the crew,

Our admiration for you, for sharing your journey and our thoughts have not lost their fervor:)

We are at your side for this long journey;)

200 000 years since humans appeared on Earth and thanks to you, it still demonstrates the power of its adaptation and evolution

Love and kisses Earth

Jon Clarke

Question for Diego Urbina

Dear Diego

In January 2010 you Spent 2 weeks at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah as part of Crew 88. Was That experience helpful in Preparing you for Mars 500?How Would You Comparing The Two experiments? What lessons could « learn from Mars 500 MDRS MDRS from Mars and 500?




black diamonds on the Red Planet

hello all,

thank you for the answer about your favorite dish (France) but what do you think of dishes with truffles?

good luck for the rest of the trip.

jacomus space food Bersoult Jean-Jacques


thank you all!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to tell you my admiration. Everything you do is really great!

Know that even if you were not selected as astronauts, you still part of the heroes of space exploration. I admire you, and I one day as you participate in this great human adventure.

Nothing is more exciting indeed to see people commit body and soul in this noble cause. And what you do rekindles my desire to become an astronaut.

A big thank you to all and good luck for the future!

Soon I hope ..

Armel Louis

hello all

A big hello to all members of the crew!

I just wanted you to quickly and express my admiration for you, what you do, and everything you represent.

I would later like you make a small contribution to the advancement of space exploration …

Thank you all and good luck!


Congratulations to all!


months to 200 days are going fast … but for you?


Good luck for the continuation of the mission, international greetings.


Good luck :-))

Raven Yu

Is it possible thats the image of the Persons In The second picture shown in full details Be? I Think It Would Look Better That Way.

Ch Oxana

Hello to everyone Who Keeps on searching the answers to The questions about the World We Live in With A natural curiosity! The first winter month has Opened Another New internship in Our Life. It Would not Be A Mistake That if I took December IS Attributed Strongly With The celebration of Christmas and New Year in the mind of people. Streets, shops and windows of houses are decorated With garlands, and Christmas trees are everywhere … The mood of people is changing too. There Is Nothing Like Christmas and New Year time, During Which we are Seized by a Particular emotional state (we know this feeling from our childhood!), Endowing us With A special feeling of magic and fairy tale. So, I wish to share this with You all holiday mood to evoke your smiles back. Good luck!

Jack Suire

Hello Romain, I hope that morale is good in the holiday season, but the fact you are doing something for December 25? I wonder, because Christmas celebrations do not necessarily at the same time especially in Russia, anyway, Merry Christmas and as we say back home in Britain: Nedeleg Laouen.

Forum de la conquête spatiale:

Tatiana 13

Firstly thank you to Romain for his response via Steve

soon approach of Mars will be simulated, how you understand this step, what excitement it evokes in you? Between dream and reality simulation, which will eventually your « building block »?

in any case, good luck to you, do not forget soon the Christmas and New Year which are equally effective for your loved ones, by the way you celebrate birthdays?

it’s all for now looks like « mister Secret Story »


Thank you for your reply to Romain via Steve.

As flight engineer you will probably mimic the controls of the technical condition of the vessel.

What important points to check are in your checklist?

We will think well of you for this holiday year-end earth. Bon Courage!

Firnas 2

Thank you to Romain for his answer, very long (wow), via Steve.


Drawing on your Martian Spaceship Earth can you imagine us a concept of Space Train with Module amarsissage, which could do if conditions are favorable, the round trip of 520 days on Mars (And if the Russians already published the concept thank you for giving us the reference)


A simple message:

We think well of you and this great experience you live. Congratulations to all with an image of two future destinations!

« There are times doubly melancholy and mysterious, where our mind seems informed by both the Sun sets and the moon rises »
Victor Hugo


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