letter 16 the end

Hello everyone,

and here we are now at the end of an adventure.
As I am not good at goodbye, I’ll keep it simple, especially since we will meet soon, if, if.
I wanted to thank first of the six men of the module for accepting me as a correspondent outside, especially Roman, with which the exchanges were always regular, friendly and sincere.
I also wanted to thank you all for participating in support of the mission in which you participated also by ensuring the module for your support.
When he returns, you will Romain a cuckoo from the site.
Thank you for these 22 000 visits to the site to track the couriers, and learn more about the misison.
Subsequently, other events will take place here, and soon the creation of a new website to keep all the space adventure, it will be a site dedicated to the history of exclusievment French astronauts, the first until today, their training, their missions, interviews and records of completed space missions … I will detail the exact content after it posted.

Here is the last post of this module, sniff!

Letter 16: (from romain)
Hi all,

First of all, thank you for all the messages of support that you have sent. We only have more than 19 days before the end of our mission and the atmosphere in the modules tend to heat up gradually as we approach the November 4th!
These days were marked by an event in particular: we celebrated the 10th anniversary since we started in June 2010. This October 13, Alexander was 34 years. I enclose with this message a photo of the person with the gift that he gave Wang Yue. This is a calligraphy that he made and who speaks of a trip in the middle of Chinese landscapes.

When the door of our modules will open in a few days, we can answer a big YES to the question: « Is that man is capable, psychologically and physiologically, to endure the confinement of a trip to Mars? « . Any problems during our 520 days would certainly delayed the conquest of Mars as new investigations have been launched. Fortunately, the success of our challenge is not going to put a spanner in the space agencies providing such a journey.

A trip to Mars is quite possible, the big question is « when » it will be realized. The most optimistic estimates for a (real) journey to Mars talk about the years 2030-2035. I intend to nominate me if a call is made for such a trip, but my chances are very low. However, I do not lose hope.
We attended several conferences with Diego but I do not have specific dates yet for these. Being a native of Mayenne, I surely will promote events in Laval. ☺

I think the worst is behind us. This October will bring many surprises (call from friends for the return of direct communications, information on our exit, etc …) and it tends to move very quickly. I feel that the first was last October when two weeks have already passed!

Some details of our planning « Post-Flight » can still change, but in broad terms, this is what he gives:
• Output 4 November
• Quarantine and complete medical check up during the days
• Press conference to be attended probably the leaders of agencies involved in the project (ESA, Russia, China) on November 7
• Completion of all our science experiments on « Post-flight Data Collection » until December 4
From that date, the obligations of the crew of 500 will be completed in March and our paths separate. With Diego, we will remain under contract with ESA for a detailed debriefing of the mission and to draw lessons for future manned flights. I returned to France is still undetermined.

My house for a year and a half is in the modules 500 in March. I will move in a few days and that makes me happy. I also look forward to returning to France even if I do not know where I live.

See you soon on this website



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