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Thank you very much for the crew to Mars 500 for all your messages. 

Your support during our mission we are extremely pleased. If our adventure drives many of you to follow their dreams, it makes me even more pleasure. Especially keep this dream deeply rooted and know you adapt to the vagaries of life, always keeping the same course.
It’s been 195 days that we have « left » the Earth and we are approaching our destination. We are more than 2.2 million miles to Mars. Our three experts are already beginning to prepare for « the amarsissage » but I must admit that it’s Christmas that occupies much of our thoughts at this time. I’m already going to answer the question of Jack since we expect to celebrate our first (and last) Christmas in space. However, this festive season will be pretty special and particularly long for us because we have, in chronological order:

– December 19: 200th day of isolation

– 25 December: Christmas Christian

– 31 December: New Year

– January 7: « Christmas » Orthodox

– January 14: Former « New Year » in Russia (based on the old Julian calendar)

– 3 February: Chinese New Year

We do not yet know what activities we do for each event, but one thing is sure, we do not miss.

Our month of November was pretty quiet, apart from the achievement of all our experiences, I have not much to tell. The unusual hit us on December 1. After a morning of work a regular outage occurred around noon. The main transformer of the building in which are our modules had a short-circuit and the time to fix it, we stayed 20h without electricity, without water or ventilation. We learned at the end of the test it was only a simulation orchestrated by the control center to study our reactions to an emergency. The fact that we are still in our « ship » proves that everything went well.


Here is the answer to question Wang Yue of the month:

I Have That I am admitted to not so happy as my friends Eur, Especially Roman and Diego, The Close for Christmas. Chinese people do FEW celebration for Christmas, for Halloween and Other Holiday Which maybe prevalent in the West. I only remember I Always Had To prepare for semester exams around The Final Christmas When I Was In The College. For ordinary Chinese people, Some traditional holidays, Such like Spring Festival, Middle Autumn Day, are more important. Goal ace I know, more and more youngers, 16 ~ 20 years old, are to enjoy Becoming Western holidays now in China.


I asked Diego what would the first sentence he say when he treads the soil of our « red planet », but it has not yet found the right formula. It will take a bit to know it.

Leaving the mission we will still have many weeks to pass into the hands of scientists to assess how quickly we réadaptons outside. The work will be part of our priorities. My second priority will be to see my family and my friends. I hope that many of them will be in Moscow. My third priority is to have a walk outdoors in a park under the sun.

During an actual mission we can not use the internet. Indeed when a computer is connected to net, sending and receiving thousands of queries which allows us to navigate. Considering the distance we are from Earth, each of these applications take several minutes to arrive but in general this is done almost instantly. A real mission to Mars will use the same type of communication that we have now: All messages (written, voice or video) are recorded and then sent to the control base.

When we get back on earth, we may rediscover many small details we do not even notice before leaving. I imagine many of you have already had that feeling after a trip or longer. When you get home, you wear a different look to your home for a day or two.

I think the view will be more affected than other human senses. Indeed, we no longer see the sun for more than 6 months. In addition, our gaze is always stopped by a wall located more than 20m from us. We no longer look « at infinity ». Finally, recent studies suggest that a prolonged stay in weightlessness has negative effects on the visual system.


please find Diego’s answer below:

Hi Jon!

My experience at MDRS was very Valuable in order to prepare for Mars500.

I Think They Are in a similar batch of Ways Such As The autonomy of The Crew, The Spartan life one must live, The Feeling of isolation, The Interaction Of The crew members, Among Others. There are noticeable differences aussi Some, for instance, The Crew Needs to do considerable work to keep repairing MDRS « alive ». I think this Prepared me for a « worst-case scenario » and to handle the Days That see more action in Mars500.

Here Much more time is spent ‘science is executing tasks, and less in housekeeping. Mars500 Can Get more monotonous, As The communication links are Fewer And That Makes it Tough on MDRS Than Your Head. In Utah, When You Were « bored », « could you go on year to EVA Explore the beautiful martian-like scenery and dig up new gold Surprising Things similar activities.

The limitations, Such As The Need to recycle water, and the « interesting » experience With The toilet WAS ALSO « good » Things That Believe it or not, made me more tolerant of stuff in general That I May Not Have to like to endure .

Regarding your question of possible mutual lessons, Perhaps Some housekeeping (Even simulated) MDRS-like tasks Could Be Incorporated in Mars500. Some more Mars500-like communication limitations Could Be Introduced in MDRS That Make The Psychological isolation more evident. However, in general, I think thats the projects are ‘complementary, so It Would be great to see Some collaboration in The Near Future, Perhaps Some sort of (video) communication via email (Will Surely Have Some Delay) Between MDRS crews and Mars500? , or Even more interestingly, SOME sort of situation simulated Somehow That Must Be Solved By Both crews?. I Would Personally devout sacrifice part of my free time to execute this type of collaborations so feel free to drop me a line If There are any ideas floating around.

Thanks and best regards To The MDRS / Mars Society team!



it’s fun because truffles have been a topic of discussion during one of our meal a few days before we receive your message. Diego is asking me if I had eaten these « mushrooms that grow in the ground and is gathered through pigs. » I told him that I never had the opportunity to eat directly from the nose. I just tasted a sauce which contained, and I really enjoyed it.


These 200 days have passed fairly quickly for me too. I can not imagine that within the next two months will be our 3 experts in the Martian Module. By cons I know that my feeling is not shared by everyone. Some crew members find the time long enough.


We Can feel this holiday mood in o modules too. Thanks to all your posts and the pictures That I Receive From my family and friends I can see how crowded Are the shops, how Snow is wraps everything and how Christmas is making everybody excited.


closer we get to Mars and we are happy to reach our goal. Even if we do a simulation is an important moment in our « journey ».

The basic question of our simulation is « Is that man is capable, physiologically and psychologically, to go to Mars? . My contribution will be to answer « Yes! « To this question. I hope to bring all the data and the guarantees necessary for scientists to be confident that such a mission is humanly possible. There will be while the technical challenges to overcome to leave the vicinity of Earth.

We celebrate all the events may change a little our daily lives. Birthdays are important days. We have already had occasion to celebrate four birthdays. I had the honor of opening the ball last July and since that time a certain tradition was established:

– The night before Diego created a custom poster that displays in the kitchen

– Gifts are opened in the morning at breakfast

– We celebrate the birthday again at the dinner with a glass of wine powder


we have no propulsion system and our controls are therefore limited to all systems of life support (Life Support Systems). We continuously monitor the O2, CO2, CO of each module. We also monitor pressure, temperature and humidity. In addition to these real systems, we have a Life Support System « in which we simulate failure to maintain a good level of our reactions to them. Our maintenance is the most common filter changes and changes in oxygen cylinder and nitrogen.


there are already many concepts of spacecraft and missions to go to Mars. Most results is probably that of the Mars Society (in France: Association Mars – under the name « Mars Direct ».

@ Soon, Romain.


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