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All the crew of Mars 500 wishes you a Happy New Year 2011!

For the occasion, I am enclosing a photo taken a few minutes after the 12th stroke ofmidnight. That’s always a pleasure for us to discover all your encouragement, yourcomments or questions. Thank you to Steve for his work that allows to link us all.

As you may have read on the ESA website, we celebrated Christmas on December 25 and we found a gift for each of our countries in our socks: a small metal vialRussian, a glass of Colombia, a Chinese map and French chocolates.

The next week was busy with preparations for New Year’s Eve. You should knowthat this is a huge party here in Russia. It’s the equivalent of our Christmas + ourNew Year together!

We began to celebrate New Year’s Eve around 18h and ending at 3am. It was a holynight! J

Life then took its course and experiences to achieve have succeeded but I stillenjoyed the epiphany to discover the tradition of the guys the cake! (My sister gave me a bean in my hometown before departure) 

We are now very close to our goal in a week since we stowed (virtually) to themodule that will carry Mars Yue Wang, and Alexander Diego to the surface. On or about February 8, Nos. 3 explorers isolate themselves in small 20m ² module forabout three weeks. One thing is sure, the first exit Diego Scuba & Alexander will beheld Feb. 14. A press conference is scheduled in Moscow for the occasion with avideo webcast. I believe that ESA will also broadcast the video in real time on theirsite, so stay tuned!

Steve, I really laughed when they saw the mini-module Mars 500 Thomas. Theatmosphere « timber » is identical cons it takes nerves of steel to stay 520 days! J

I have already partially answered your question about the program « Martian » of ourexpedition. I still can not give you all the details of different outputs, but one thing iscertain: the first action of Diego and Alexander will be planting the Russian flag,European and Chinese!

Oxana,thank you for all your kind words. Your holiday mood was widely shared amongst us because we really had a great New Year party! You put a lot of rabbits on your picture. Is it a reference to the Chinese year of the rabbit which will begin on the 3rd of February?

Irina, Alexandr asked me to forward his thanks to you. He received your letter for his birthday and he was very happy with it. Your question about his smile made me laugh. Alexandr is a very lively person and he is often the first to laugh about jokes. However on all the pictures that we make, he doesn’t smile! We noticed that quite quickly but he wouldn’t tell us why when we asked. It took us 4 months to discover the secret behind his serious face on photos! I’m sorry but I won’t betray him here.

Philip, if I speak on behalf of the crew, which has missed the most is the food of ourcountry. I can not count all the discussions we had on this subject. I can just tell youthat I will not soon become an expert in Chinese and Tajik without having evertasted. 

We have not really had a big scare since our departure. The largest bursts date we have had Halloween or Christmas when our balloons exploding.

The moment that made us the most thrill is the new year. But I think it will be quicklyovertaken by our arrival on Mars. We all begin to be excited by this prospect.

Why this trip still? We seek to answer a simple question: « Man is he capable,physiologically and psychologically, to go to Mars? . It is absolutely necessary to arrive at an answer before thinking seriously about sending men to Mars. My goal isto say « yes » after the 520 days! 

Jacomus, we had no arrangement in our menu for Christmas or New Year’s Day.However, we decided to bend to our diet so strict and we have added cheese on toast and slices of cake to our normal dinner. Of course, we watered all thispowdered wine!

Maxime, our relatives had given us gifts to be opened at Christmas or New Year’s Day. Even after 7 months in our modules, we still have « received » a few surprisesthat made us very happy. 

Simona, We Made SEVERAL « greetings » videos. I do not know EXACTLY Where They are available to my best bet Would Be On The BOPI website about Mars 500.As a teaser I Can Also Reveal That We Prepared a new video greetings in Chineselanguage for Their New Year! It Should Be Shown On The CCTV is 3rd of February.I do not know if it possible Will Be to get it after.

Thank you all and Happy New Year!



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