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answer (letter 8 )

A big thank you all for your messages of support, questions and photos. Following receipt of your letter, I had a good time to transfer the show and translate it to my 5 companions. You are increasingly present in our modules either on the wall of our kitchen where your poster is present or in our discussion because some of you are regulars and we recognize them.

Steve, the photo of the Earth and Moon taken with HiRise is magnificent. We also played the game of the cities, but even with Wang Yue, we dry on the two Chinese cities. What were they?

Thank you to lune for his beautiful images of Mars.

These days were pretty intense in our modules as we finally reached our goal! Theatmosphere within the crew were euphoric when we tied the Martian Module. Theremoval of all boxes which were stored in the latter was grueling but what joy to see our new menus! Now our plan is typed rather with Russian, for example, Kvass andBorsch. We are only 3 to have tasted the new plates because the 3 Martians userations type « ISS » prepared by the Russian space agency.

Jacomus, we have several omelets to our menu but I have found none with truffles.So I console myself by eating the mushrooms (those normal).

A few days after these festivities, we separated for the first time in over 8 months.This separation reminded me of the early days of vacation many years ago when I left my brothers and sister for a week or two. Since February 12 so we communicateprimarily by telephone between the base station and the Mars orbit. However, our discussions do not exceed 15-20min and that 3 or 4 times a day.

Indeed, in ourscenario for travel, this is no satellite to relay signals between the base station.

Wecan only communicate when we go over our three companions.

These short periodsand time slots that vary depending on the day are fairly strict, but we soon learned to be attentive to the « windows »of availability and prioritize information to be transmitted.February 14 was THE big day of our 520 days!

Diego Alexander trod for the first time the surface of Mars that concludes our outward journey. During the 70 minutes that lasted their leaving, they started planting the flags by the European, Russian and Chinese. Just after that, each declaimed a meaningful sentence then they started to work. In the end, they collected samples of sand (in open areas and under rocks), rock and did some measurements (eg local magnetic field).

Once they completed their task are returned to their Martian Module. I arranged my schedule to fill out follow any of my two companions and I waited impatiently for the next communication window so we exchanged our impressions. The rest of the day we felt after a long morning so intense!

This week we each go about our business:

– Exploration of the Martian surface with a virtual robot and a real robot for Diego,and Alexander Wang Yue

- Repairing some defective equipment and plant care for Alexey, Sukhrob and me.

Speaking of plants, today I launched an experiment « Greenhouse in Space »whichwas initiated by ESA and Paolo Nespoli (currently on mission to the International Space Station). The idea of this educational experience is to grow the same plant inthe ISS and dozens (hundreds?) other places on Earth. Our modules Mars 500 were selected as many schools in Europe. Maybe you’re close to one of these schools?

Tomorrow will be another important day for us and there are two reasons for this.First, Alexander and Wang Yue will output a second suit on the Martian surface. It promises to be a great time. The second reason is more subtle since we havecounted the days since our departure. This Friday, February 18th we will be exactlyhalf of our trip motionless behind us 260 days / 260 days before us. The hardest part,right? (previous studies appear to refute insulation that last statement)

Steve, in our scenario, the module will return to dock with the Mars space stationFebruary 23. However, a quarantine period of four days will be observed and thecrew will thus be held until 27 February.

Laurent (Chandemerle), I do not know if your message is to be taken figuratively, but this « good luck! « reminds me of a funny point happened last February 14. If I first summarize the equation made by many people: 6 guys + confined space + 8 months = smell of Fennec. As Wang Yue, Diego and Alexander were « out » of our confined spaces for about 2 hours, their nose was « re-educated » and I asked them what theyfelt on returning. Their responses were different (smell of wood and food) but none has been attacked by the nose nauseating stench. A myth collapses!

François held the 3 outputs on our fake Martian surface by Alexander Wang Yue andDiego or are carried out in spacesuits Orlan-E. These have been designed on abasis Orlan (such as the ISS) but with more flexible members.

We contacted the base a lot of control before the output so that all stages of the latterare clear and precise.

On February 14 we were in complete autonomy and is WangYue who determined when to pause and resume when the works for Diego and Alexander.

Irina, I Gave your message to Alexander Who was very happy to receiver it.However, That He Thought he Knew You And That You Were working at IBMP toyour sincere Russian last message he’s a bit confused. Does he know you?

Tatiana 13: Is it you who inspired Diego for his sentence? He began by speaking ofColumbus and Magellan.

Again, thank you for all your messages.

See you soon,



bonus for you, 20 minuts from « Mars »



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