answer 8

Hello Steve,
Thank you for this letter No. 10 and for all with attached images. The poster of the AFSC has caught our attention and, to answer your question, we know / recognize a few! Daria is a friend of Diego and we spent a few evenings together during our period of training. Soyeon Yi is well known since the Korean cosmonaut has already gone into space. In addition, I recognized the name of Heather Archuleta is often in the signatures of your posters. I do not know the other 3.
Diego saw a wire tweeter @ AFSC was created but there was no exchange between them for the moment.
Your posters do not stay in the kitchen. I replaced the previous once a new happens. Knowing that each poster is autographed by all members of the crew, I do not want to let them « hang out » too long in the kitchen. They are well protected in a pouch that I get over in a few months. 🙂
I will now respond to the letter 10:
On behalf of the entire crew in March 500, thank you again for all your messages and all your encouragement. I see that your curiosity is always piqued by this project in March 500 and that makes me happy. These past weeks have been mostly marked by two events. There was the first anniversary of Alexey March 25.This thank you for wishing him. We took this opportunity to prepare a meal just out of the ordinary and we spent a great evening talking together in the kitchen.
April 12 was also a special day. Indeed, for the 50th anniversary of 1st flight of Yuri Gagarin, delegations from around the world came to Moscow to celebrate the event. Several people took the opportunity to come and say hello (since shifted in direct conversations are still possible): Thomas Reiter (new director « Human Spaceflight & Operations » of the ESA), Yannick d’Escatha (President of CNES) andYang Liwei (1st Taikonaut). These visits and our evening Yuri’s Night « was really enjoyable and memorable. 🙂
To answer your question Steve, I am enclosing a picture of Mars 500 special calendar that was given to us by one of our sponsors Russian. It has been several months since I mark each passing day. I am therefore « crosses on the walls » to use your expression. 🙂
In recent weeks, our discussions are more often « after the mission » and we share a lot in our projects. Almost all members of the crew want to continue in the field of space and we hope that Mars 500 will be a good experience to be argued later.
For April 1, Diego had prepared a beautiful picture you may have discovered its tweeter. During the day, a few April fools were tempted. For example Sukrob injected a little mustard with a syringe into center of cake that Alexander had placed to thaw. The latter ate it all without saying anything!

congratulations for your imitation. Steve made me spend a few videos and I was laughing when you imitated Knight & Lespalès opposite of true! 🙂


thank you for your poem. French being spoken in our little modules, only Diego and I were able to enjoy it (unfortunately).

I thought I recognized the Fort National Grand Bé rather than on your picture but the direction remains the same. I love the Grand Bé because the tomb of Chateaubriand is over. The latter wanted it to be turned towards the sea to avoid being emm *$^*! by the noise of men!

Alexander thanks you for your message. He congratulates you too pour la Cosmonaut Day and Wish you good luck for your coming exam.


bravo for that text in French!

these freeze-dried dishes really resemble what we eat every day! I have liked for our return trip. Anyway, bon voyage to Mars with Eve Angeli! 🙂
Lune & Jean-Pierre,

all samples collected on the Martian surface by Diego, and Alexander Wang Yue, only a small rock is now in our modules. The latter is a reminder that Diego gave our commander on the reunification of the crew at the end of February. We have no measuring devices to make a good analysis of samples collected. We can therefore consider that the samples remain locked up.
Papou Galaxien and Remi

in the crew, we disagree a bit about « the impression of being in space. » Some of us are convinced that we travel between Earth and Mars, while others are clearly left on Earth. In my case, I do not believe in space because there is much evidence around me that remind me that I’m on Earth (gravity and some noise). Yet I can not persuade myself that I am in these metal cylinders that I have so often seen from the outside during my training period. I think « there » but on Earth … I do not know if I am clear in my explanation. It’s a pretty weird feeling.
Regarding the psychological impact of our simulation or a real trip to Mars, I think the « balance » is almost the same. A simulation is not as motivating as a real journey. Similarly, the risks are lower compared to those of a real mission. The motivation scale (+) / risk (-) will probably equivalent and allows better prepare the future.

the sight of a terrestrial landscape has not been necessary until now but I like the idea of ​​a window on the world. In our modules, we provide a « piece of nature » virtual where we can « walk » but we spend very little time in it. Reports such as « Discovery Channel » and pictures of places we know well received from our loved ones are sufficient for our need for nature and to remind us that the seasons pass to the outside. This idea will be considered for a real trip to the Red Planet, I am sure.:)
Have a good week and thank you for following us in this adventure

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