Answer to the letter 14


Answer to the letter 14

Hello everyone,
First, you have a big thank you from Sukhrob and Wang Yue for all the congratulatory messages you sent for their birthday. They asked me to print the posters that you have prepared and are now posted on the wall of their room.
Thank you also for all the encouragement that you send us so regularly. They always make us great pleasure.
Our month of July ended with the anniversary of Yue Wang. On this occasion, the Chinese Space Agency had invited the parents of the latter in Moscow so they could exchange a few messages with their son. When we learned that we were all happy for our friend China.
On the day, we followed the same recipe as for other birthdays:
• Surprise Diego in the morning
• Opening gifts during breakfast
• Video messages with those present on the outside in the morning
• Evening chosen by the one is the anniversary
With all these festivities, I did not see July go! August is a little quieter but it is not free of events. At this writing, we are on August 14, the 437th day of our isolation, and we reach just the record for the longest stay in space owned by Valeriy Polyakov. As is the tradition in Russia, the person whose record was sending a message of congratulations to new owner and this morning we discovered a message from Valeriy Polyakov on our server!
Day after day, as we approach our exit is planned Nov. 4, 2011. The precise schedule of our activities after that date is still rather vague, but some points are already clear:
• We will be in quarantine for a good week to allow time for the immune system to readjust to the harsh reality of the outside world
• We will stay in Moscow for at least one month to complete a battery of physiological, psychological and medical (after all the experiences that we do daily in our modules)
While the end of our trip is getting closer, we’re not there yet. We still have more than two and a half months!
Our contacts with the space agencies are limited to those directly related to the project in March 500. So we communicate with the ESA, the IBMP and with the China National Space. Of course, there are differences in how they react to certain events but this is mainly due to their internal organization. Overall, we relay the information they are identical.
I can give you more information on our exit from next month. With regard to our wishes, some of us (a majority) want to continue working in the aerospace environment while others want to return to their former position. Personally, I want to keep the world from space.


I will not know whether our return is quieter and our hectic trip but it is more difficult. Unlike the go, we do not have anything new to discover and we look forward to finding our family and friends. Fortunately, this period has not started more tense friendship between us now and the atmosphere is always good here.

I wish good holidays to all those who currently enjoy and good luck to all others,

See you soon,



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