answer letter 15

Reply to letter 15

Good morning to all of you,

Thank you very much for your letter no. 15 and all the encouragements that go with it. It is always a pleasure to get news from you.

In our modules we are not so lucky to be able to see the sea, to smell its gishts, or the mild summer breezes but your photos bring us gradually closer back to this nature which we have left more than 15 months ago. A very inspired friend of mine even sent me a video of a tree growing at her home in which the leaves were gently rustling in the wind. I’m so eager to rediscover all these little wonders of daily life !

As you have correctly stated, dear Steve,

since September 15 (Happy Anniversary !) we are rather close to Earth now for our direct communications with the control room. However, in our Mars 500 experiment we don’t have those luxuries which the astronauts on board of the International Space Station have. No internet, no chatting, no direct communication with families or friends ; we can call the control room only. Fortunately, some members of our families will go to IBMP in Moscow from where they can speak with us. Then we will become really aware that we are close to Earth !

As soon as we will have access to the internet again (after our leaving our space ship), I will contact you via this site. J


we don’t have a precise time schedule for this leaving yet, but it should be on November 4, 2011, about 1 to 2 p.m. I will rather certainly be able to confirm the exact time in my next letter.


thank you for that little story which has me made laugh. I translated it into English for my fellow crew members and they also appreciated it a lot. J

Marie, my congratulations to your CDI. See you soon back on « Earth » !


you have Alexander’s best regards.

Today we can differentiate the Earth from the surrounding stars on our simulation program. It’s a bigger dot than the stars on the black emptiness of our sky. We’re getting closer!


my encouragements for this CM2 module. I’m certain that your mission will also be a success.

Thank you again for your messages,

Until soon,



* (Especialy thank to Peter Caltner for him translation)

Steve légère.


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