letter 11



Steve Légère

Hello Romain, hello to all six.

In the late afternoon of May 05, 337 th day of travel, I still have the smell of lily of the valley which flooded the streets of the city at the first light of dawn. Tradition thatfinds its roots in antiquity to offer a hint of lily of the valley to bring happiness to theMariners who took over the sea at this time for long trips sometimes withoutfeedback 
The sun is the appointment as the temperature is not left with a significant softness.
Your back is on track, this Earth will become visible, do you have a simulatorcelestial horizon? If this is not the case, it would be good suggestions for other long periods of isolation that have some sort of window (screen).
The greenhouse is ready to give you fresh greens to eat? What are the varieties that grow in the module? Is this your choice? Or is it a scientific selection, chosen forspecific reasons?
Dear travelers still, I leave you to your new messages.
Mars is fading as you moved away in March to April and May, slowly but surely.

 Françoisspace blog

Hello Roman, for a small article I’d like to ask on my blog, I liked to know the steps(travel / experiments / return programs) that lie along your journey to the earth, and incidentally, if your output of the module you will still remain under observation? Ifso, or that it will happen, and for how long?

The Space of future food
I switched on Radio 2: RTL Radio France Bleu Vaucluse
Hello everyone!
We are pleased to know that all is well! Please accept my sincere greetings withwarmth of spring. Roman, thank you for the encouraging words, and I wish you goodluck, all the best in your work!



In this May 1, 2011 on Earth, here’s a bit of luck to you thrush Mars 500.

Welcome back and see you soon

Jack Suire:
St Malo
Hi Roman, Yes indeed I planted last file, so here is another Saint-Malo seen from the tomb of Chateaubriand, photo taken in 1992.

Hola Chicos del Espacio!
Resivan a cordial saludo desde Seattle a Latino .. orgullosamente contento of our representatives Colombia en el espacio .. Hello guys outthere in The Space  Keep the hard work weekends as Human Beings are Proud of you all .. God Bless .. andcome back safe.


 Sergio LU4CBC.:

Thank you for the opportunity of March 500, to greet each member of this crew. « Iamateur in Buenos Aires and my questions are: How are you physically andmentally for both body and mind? It shows the time travel? Unlike travel to the moonin this case would be a shorter trip. And my last question would be: You‘ll need towinter in the case of an even longer trip, like Titan? I hope everyone has personalexperience! and the group. My most synchronizers Sergio DX 73 at Buenos Aires inArgentina.
LU4CBC. Cordial Saludo.

Hernán Fernando


We are proud of you, those who are paving the way for the first men on Mars. Congratulations on your courage!

A cordial greeting from Spain




Hello, dear marsonauts!

On April 12, a filme was shown on tv, telling about your flight. Also the newspaper « MK-Komsomolets » often writes notes about your researches on the board. So, guys, you are not forgotten on the Earth!

In Russia the may holidays are comming. Most of the citizens go out of the town, someone, to plant potatoes. The nightingales will sing at nights soon. But it is better to hear them in the open areas, for example, in the village. By the way, soon I’m going to have a little vacation and hope to listen to the nightingale’s song, wich I’d like to share with you.

Have a good flight to home!

P.S. Alexandr, I’ve passed all my exames! Thanks for encouraging! 🙂

Yours sincerely,

Earthling, environmental engineer (chemist) Irina



Greetings from Macedonia!

Hi everybody! How are you feeling? I just want to say hi to all of you and I want to say that you are really brave for doing this. You are making history! – Just think of that when you are having a hard time. Or think that because of you and your work humans will step on Mars!

Isn’t that awesome?

🙂 🙂 🙂 Keep up the good work! 🙂 🙂 🙂



— Letter from AFSC —


Kate Arkless Gray:

Hello all,

I hope that your mission is going well. I continue to dream of space and hope to get up there one day. I’m writing from London, there was much excitement in the last few days for the Royal Wedding. A really nice atmosphere with people talking to one another (which is unusual in London). It’s very crowded in London with people from all around the world trying to get a piece of the action. Lots of fun.


Anyway, take care and keep up the good work.



Stefania ‘Stelygs’:

AFSC to Mars 500

Dear Mars500-Marsonauts, you boldly took the second most dramatic, virtual « small step for a man… » in history! We’ll be forever thankful to you for your crucial contribution, all your sacrifices and commitment in making of Mars a possible dream, an extremely fascinating possible dream!

Now it’s the turn of the AllFemaleSymbolicCrew-Marsonauts to set a virtual (for now!) gentle foot on the red alien dust…and beyond…

Ad astra, space boys and girls!


Ps, a question for you: what was it like to be totally cut off from the world during the week of simulated communications blackout ? Impressions and feelings? Thank you.

Your homeward journey seems to be as adventurous and eventful as your stay on Mars!


Waiting for your safe return to planet Earth…

Ciao! 🙂


Heather Archuletta:

Mars500 heads home!

I have been following the Mars500 project since March 2009, and have done 15 updates about you on my space blog in that time. It has been such a pleasure to follow this amazing simulation, and with great pride I have also promoted your Twitter feed, your YouTube videos and your blog. My readers and I enjoy all the events and pictures that come from your spaceship, and we wish you the best on your return from Mars. We are so proud of your hard work!




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