letter 12

Letter 12




Hello to all six;

The milestone of « one year » has been crossed, symbolic barrier, a goal at least as important as that was your ammarsissage I guess.

The interview conducted on you BOPI six is finally confirming a mission that goes well, will become increasingly long as the countdown nears zero.

Your day will remain the same until the end, experiments, sampling, analysis.

Did you get new missions?

We have not seen the details of the greenhouse, you have you take turns? There’s there with you attendant plantations?

Here in Paris, the heat is overwhelming, the Garonne is already very low and limited watering from what I’m told, which portends a terrible summer, and not crops and actuarial, 2012 will probably be a good year for wine only, but as the end of the world has announced (it seems) for 2012, we will not have the opportunity to taste a lot … What luck! ☺

You will not suffer the pangs of the heatwave, it is always better than nothing, and the first frosts will greet you, but it is certain that whatever the climate that you wait, it will always be perceived as a liberation, first breath of fresh air.

Quick question, speaking of breath, I think smoking in the module was t he one or more smokers who have stopped only to participate in the mission, and if so, how did they live?

Otherwise, it was explained in the competition need to be non-smoker?

For July 10, the poster of the 400 days you will succeed, and I thought, to mark the 500 days, you could perhaps get a feel for the latter group shows that will be made for late October.

 If yes, you have until the end of August to consult with you about the meal and reflect a style that would suit you for this final step centennial.

Under a terrible storm that thunder has just made me jump and pouring rain as I finish these few lines, in the coolness of a stream of air and the pounding of rain on the ground.

I thank all those who participate occasionally or regularly to support this thread and are very many 2548 people spread over 3 pages to track your facebook human adventure, and 17,000 visitors from around the world on http://mars500.wordpress. com and blog to blog, from site to site or page to page convey the news of the mission Mars500.

Steve Légère.


Hello everyone,

And now the year has already passed! С’est very well, is not it?! I congratulate you on this occasion! Bravo! I wish you a good mood and always keep a sense of humor. Continue to give us an example of energy. I saw the last picture, where « half the crew has become bald, » – it beautifully! You look like a little Pirats nice and very pleasant:)

(I do apologize for my poor French, I do not know the French of course).


Angie Guest:

Hello gentlemen,

A very happy birthday to your mission, Wishing you success icts Until completion.

Would You Be Willing to start over in a year pour la même période Mars 500 have?

In all cells, although six of luck to you in your narrow module.

We feel good to you from London


Hello, marsonauts!

Today is June 3. I congratulates you On the anniversary of your trip. I wish to Health and summer mood!



Hello everybody,

In your journey and the journey back to Earth, we think very highly of you and you are following with great interest:))

Hugs to all;)

Jack Suire:

For one week you were isolated with no communication with the outside, it does you cause problems?

Bonne continuation.


A little fairy as a candle!

That road traveled. Bravo to you in March 500.

See you soon!


A poem for the 1100 anniversary of the Normandy June 6, 1944, also see the nod to the future conqueror of heaven (a Norman, like me, has been selected by ESA, Thomas Pesquet).

Happy birthday this past year in confinement.

Catherine Laplace-Builhe:

Thanks to Roman, Diego, Alexey, Sukhrob, and Alexander Wang

What unusual and extraordinary adventure! You have been locked in a container away for a year and five months you’ve Still Got to go and it’s important to remember That These Guys Have not Actually HAD voice Contact With The Control Center for 11 months now …. Thanks to The Crew: Charles Roman, Diego Urbina, Alexey Sitevi, Sukhrob Kamolov, Alexander Wang and Yue Smoleevskiy. Best wishes from France!

Romuald Forin:

Hello Martians, you LOTS of luck to have been selected to participate in this experiment.

If it were to be remade in other circumstances, for your long stay if each of you had any advice to give to a candidate, what would that advice?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Julien Bouteloup:

Hello to six astronauts.

I wanted to ask you where you left off with the Green House Project, j’i read that some schools were doing a kind of partnership (sorry I do not know the exact word).

These participants are they in touch with you? You Will they send pictures of their green house?

Or can we get the list of participants?

Happy birthday to you all and good luck for the last few months waiting for you again


Sophie Deschamps:

Happy birthday boys, a thousand kisses virtual.




You can already put your name

on the poster of the 400 days 

will be sent to themodule on July 10.



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