letter 14

letter 14

Steve Légère:

Hello module,

how are you in your spaceship?

It is clear that your trip is soon coming to an fn, and in recent weeks may be a kind of warped space-time because the days will seem to evolve as the final date approaches.

Do you know exactly what to expect when you leave?

Do you find differences in their contacts with you, between different space agencies from your experience?

About the same space agencies, you have it proposed tracking your experience or simply a medical report, psychological or other directly from the results of IMBP?

During your final output module 500 in March, the program returns to normal life will unfold in what way?

Holidays and rest? trips and visits? insertion in the middle of aerospace? Or rather, return to the area that was your prior experience?

Until you, and the return of tourists, I wish y

ou a fortune and August to move very quickly (it’s gray outside, and you have not lost since last July, c ‘ Fall is a climate).

Courage to all 6.



Hello Romain, hello to all the crew.

Let me express my best wishes to the crew of your talent this summer evening!Thank you for your attention to our message: it’s good! It’s very good that your birthday was better!

I think the motto « From Reality to super

réalité! – Is your motto, no doubt about it! And sense of good humor, fortitude, inexhaustible enthusiasm, courage – they are faithful friends. Bravo! Just think of good and the circumstances will develop for you the best!

P. S. Continue to improve your art knowledge of different foreign languages. I saw the Russian sentence in the previous letter – Romain is a perfect start!Великолепно! 🙂 Good luck!




Always with you all and especially with Roman to wish you good luck. Until your back with us, I hope to meet you.

Your adventure is exciting and I’m sure, useful for all our futures.

« May the force be with you »

Good luck and see you soon



Kate Arkless Gray: 

Hello brave adventurers!

Hello again from London! From a very excite

d SpaceKate. Today I heard that NASA head, Charlie Bolden told the attendees at the latest NASA

tweet-up all about my adventure following the last shuttles. I am very excited that he remembered me.

Since I last wrote you will have travelled a long way on your journey, and I’ve travelled a little way further on mine too. I went to America to witness the final shuttle launch, which was really special. I was able to stay out there long enough to witness Atlantis fly home too. It was incredible.

While I was in America I got a little step closer to space travel. Well, sort of! I managed to go flying in a twin-engine cessna with an astronaut! He is going to be the commander of the ISS next year and I will be able to wave as he flies overhead and say « I went flying with him! ». What a thrill.

I wonder what sort of communication devices you have in your craft. Have you heard of audioboo? It would be really amazing if you recorded a weekly update or something, although I suppose it would take a while for those files to reach us back on Earth(!). I was using audioboo to record my space adventure when I went to see the shuttle launch. If you are interested, and if you have internet access you could have a listen if you like – my ‘boos’ are at 🙂

Perhaps if there are sounds that you are missin

g I could find a way to record them and send them to you next time? Just a thought.

I hope that you are all keeping well and supporting one another. Greetings again from your friend in London.

Kate x

PS: I hope you like the attached photo of Atlantis – I took it the night before her final launch. 🙂 *proud*



Hello Mars 500

New Earth, where we attended the launch of the shuttle Atlantis and its return.And that was the last trip of a NASA shuttle.

Then, in the coming days, the Atlas 5 rocket will carry the probe Juno, who will observe the planet Jupiter.

And finally we expect the images of Mars sent by Opportunity.

We read in your last mail that you consider writing a book or books retracing your « journey ». We therefore look forward to your books.

Time flies! See you in March 500 and congratulations to you all.

Your return trip is it calmer or more turbulent than the go? Happy birthday toboth.
And finally,
With a little delay:
A very happy birthday to Sukhrob and wang:

On behalf of:

Ch Oxana, Joel Duperrier, Jack Suire, Fabricio Pérez Toledo, Stefania Gi, Heather Archuleta, Véronique Laloue, Mick Parry, Françoisspace blog, MarchSoo, Jean-Jacques Bersoult, Joseph Marteleur, Eric Bruzeaux, Orbiter.chAerospace Suzanne Currie, Isabel Canales Anquetil, cyril Sacchetti, Maximus the Quellec, Juan Antonio Fernandez, Feto Oktay Ozu Yannig Lamour, JonMaguire, Burcu‘s Mona Lisa, Kevin Verma, Salma BKI, Peter Grey, JackensonDurand, Didier Vergez, Maria Christina Barbieri, Claude Broeckaert, DrissElmahjoubi, Astronomy Portal Astroplanetes, Samantha Nkuna, Guzal MimiGrosset Hubert, Marc Von Heuckelom, Vincent Marthouret, Antoine Miller and Steve Légère.




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