letter 15

Steve Légère:
Romain Hello, hello to all Marsonautes module Mars 500.
Today, we send the fifteenth letter, you must begin to tell you that the greatest is behind, but seems even longer before you.
In the 460 th day of isolation (or insulation), here are some messages to help you keep up your end of 520 days;
In 40 days, 500 days of the poster sent to you (already) it will be the last mission, I have my own idea of ​​its composition, a kind of summary …
By the summer ends gently with back to school, the leaves are always clinging to the trees, it must be said that the summer was kind to the vegetation.
I went a few days in Normandy, and the smell of sea spray filled me with happiness, I send you two panoramic images taken from the beach of Luc sur Mer, and two other views imagine the cries of seagulls, the sound of the surf and the salty smell (and some seaweed) to be there.
This reconciliation with the Earth is also the actual stage of the « return to live with the Earth to be held September 15, I will not forget it, because it is on my birthday, same day or the direct communication with the crew will be restored.
My question of the month, does that mean a personal comfort of its kind available on the web navigation, communication with relatives in real time (such cat or social networks)? Or other signs of connections previously impossible?
All people who follow your mission also expect your speech after the on-site or on the Facebook pages with you.
safe return to Earth, welcome back.

Laurent Chandemerle:
A little story for Romain::: You never know if someone knocks on his door …

A beautiful woman knocks on the door of his neighbor and said:
« – I have a mad desire to have fun, to get drunk and make love all night … are you busy tonight?
« – No, responds the neighbor just happy »
« – So you can keep my dog? »

Good luck and enjoy!
Laurent C.

Mary Thomas:
Romain cuckoo!
some news on the eve of your day …

This site is really well done i think!
I hope you are well, I read your news regularly and especially I often think of you! this summer you have nothing missed we had a pretty bad time with qq scorching temperatures from time to time but nothing lasts! short! I was on vacation the whole month of August so I took the opportunity to go for a ride on the side of Mayenne …. I have not seen your niece little elsewhere! we went to the zoo, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of chachou etc.. After I quite enjoy the beaches and lakes on the outskirts of Bordeaux sail … if I sign a permanent contract at the start or in the association I work already so cool … c !!!!!
That’s good I’ll leave and go to the shower … I’ll rewrite shadounet soon …
I kiss you hard and wish you all good luck.

Hello everyone,
It is a small message in testimony to the great support your projects present and future, good luck!

Hello everyone in Mars 500,
Soon the finish!
You will be very close to the Earth when the Moon will have only two laps!
Now you know what time you leave the module on Nov. 4?
Some images (personal) between heaven and earth, with the Moon and even a big bravo to you.
In the next and final post.

Jean-Jacques Bersoult:
I participate in the adventure Curiosity 

I met Frank Dewinne
Good luck, you reach the end of the trip 

Message: Hello marsonauts!
It, s me Irina, engineer – environmental, Who writes to you again!
Today is the 3 d of September, first days of the autumn. The weather is fine outside, it, s Sometimes warm and raining. I wish you to keep a holiday mood till the end of your trip!
My special attention to Alexander!
PS It, s interesting, When The Earth Will Be Seen to you7
62, Irina

Jack Suire:
Courage still two months and it’s freedom.
a week ago, ESA put the video online or preparing Diego pizza that made me laugh.

Jrn Calo:
Dear friends of the space station in Mars 500, I Have to Say That March is my favorite planet, and Some of my works are inspired by the red planet, I am a writer and aussi am writing a novel about Mars, I hope to finish Within Years is a science fiction novel has, naturally, to complete it in one year Was a joke, I Have to complete it in Three months, I hope to translate it Into inglesy Would Give unto you, a hug to The Whole team, and do not forget to play poker is very fun!

Thomas Légère:
Hi Romain, I hope you will, good luck to the team. I just finished my first duty of school!
I’m a little too in a module for a long time, the module CM2, I’m up to July 2012, but its going, I to exit the module at night and during holidays.
We vera can be one day? I embrace all of the group you are.


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