letter 16

Letter 16

 Hello Romain, and hello to all six,

 Solemnity, which now looms over the horizon, but is there before you a few days you will see almost the slate roofs flying over the countryside, straw huts, feel the warm breeze of a heat out of steam in the wooded paths still bathed in sunlight, the leafy trees await you in a quiet autumn.

 The summer was slow to appear, now reluctant to leave, just as if to greet you at all costs, you pass once before hibernation, in which, in turn, it will isolate itself to a time.

 Your mission ends, and in the module, it must be the excitement, the last before the freeze-dried food meals real soon, a glass of vodka will be tense, and the smell of freshly cooked dish will awaken your nostrils sore for long periods without the olfactory surprise.

 The crowded sidewalks waiting for you, and the undergrowth aspire to stretch your foot on their soil rocky, irregular to the cheers of the birds.

 At least, that’s all I wish.

 Now therefore receive these messages, along with the poster of 500 days, the last of the mission (sniff) …

 Diego thank you to the passage for the realization of the button Mars 500, that I used for the production of this poster.

 A great moment before the end is the birthday of Alexander, on this occasion, a small card on which all fans join the mission.

 When you return to France, Romain, a last item will be taken to complete this mission, on this occasion, if your five companions want to spend a word to anyone after the mission, (message to be posted online at this time one), it would be great for the end, even a word scribbled (with translation J) on a sheet that I will be a photo section.

 You have advanced the story, and your not the first Marsonautes who set foot on the red earth, far overshadow you, we remember before them, men spent 500 days of their lives to enable them and to make us dream.

 Thank you to all of you who are the most important stone of a building, those that make the base. (Steve Légère)

 Now, here are the letters from fans of the mission:


 Stefania (AFSC) Planet Earth in sight!

 Hallo, Marsonauts!

 This Is Just message to let you know how Much we all, space lovers, admire your work and are grateful for your sacrifices and Commitment in the name of science!

 You are writing a page in the foundamental book of space exploration, and the exciting future That Awaits us as a species space Will Benefit from your single researcher.

 Now That IS your mission is to Approaching year end, we are looking forward to welcoming you back to planet Earth and celebrating the first real / virtual Martian crew in history …

 See you soon. A wonderful Blue (and green!) Planet is waiting for your return:)



Bois des loups:

Good luck.

 Each day’s trouble is enough!

 Congratulations to you 🙂 You are the precursors of future flights to Mars in the sky blue instead 🙂

 Attached is a picture with orange sky: lol




 At a time when you come back from Mars I’m about to start in November with Curiosity normally

 So welcome back




GiwaThank you:

 Thank you to prove that there is no psychological and societal barriers to a team determined to travel to Mars.

 Bravo for your courage!



Matthieu AgerWelcome home!

 It is the adventure comes to an end, 500 days that you have a journey, during which you dream and have allowed science to progress a little more.



I also want to thank you for having been the subject of study of a video we created, which summarizes the terms of your admirable epic. Welcome Back!



Jack SuireBravo:

 Thank you all for making us share your mission and safe return to Earth.



Yannig LamourComing soon:

 Hello to all the crew,

 For my part, I am very pressed for time, so I try to stay connected to your currency, but it is not obvious. $

 Anyway, it looks forward to your return, and pay attention, it seems that the formula (E = MC2) might be more valuable, so watch to you not to travel to another time, we want you back (laughter )

 See you Yannig



PatrickCongratulations guys:

 Thank you for being loaned to this trip for us to dream and hope that we or our children will also start soon …



Martin PalisBravo:

 I wish to express my support and say Congratulations to the team of the module.

 Good luck for the last days.



David Martin, the hard part is done?

 Hello and congratulations the hard part is done? or is it harder when the arrival is near? In any case, bravo and courage for the last tens of thousands of miles away:)



Patrick Beaucé:

After a long journey and a long isolation, I wish you all a safe return from yours.

 I hope to attend a conference at your back (are there any predictions about it)?

 Further evidence that the synergy of group work, and when humanity works together, it advances.

 Thank you for all time away from your families, to advanced science and indispensable to the human race toward its future.

 Roman Mayenne greet you with pride. Hoping to meet you one day.

 Respect and friendship to all.


 In Roman and all the others: Do you hope to go with a spaceship on Mars?

 When do you think it might be possible?

 Good luck for the end of the mission.

 « May the force be with you »





Irina, message:

 Marsonauts Hello! The time for the last letter Has Come! Each of you Will take pleasure to see the sky over the head soon. You are famailies Waited for your friends and on the « Earth ».

 Soft landing!




OxanaHello everyone:


It’s almost the middle of the fall out the window, and I think you will see the brown autumn weather this year towards the end of your project! …

 But for now the warm colors of nature to present their fall cordial.

 Good luck and good mood! See you soon …



Julian; BienvenidosWelcome home boys.

I and my dog Have Followed your odyssey to Mars for 500 days, celebrating my birthday the day we get to Mars, it Makes us feel share of the exploration of the universe. You are now hand of the pioneers of the land and hope we Can See the Future and end in the way You Have Other browsers that open. Thanks and greetings from Spain.



Sylvie Millet, letter eclipse:

 hello mister Roman

 I’m flattered, and very shy, to achieve a greet you, you and your colleagues (between us, I must say that mister Steve is careful not to preserve his protege, you talk of my ^ ^) M. Legere is between you and me a great speaker, too talkative!

 Courage it took you, will also to venture into this incredible expedition. So Roman is in all humility that I dare you to share one of my favorite moments, a breath of fresh air in image around Dinan.


I watched you leave looming close now!!

 Know « Oh, the Roman conqueror, » I bow to you six! Well, not too much because the ro …. I fall ^ ^

 For this last letter, with all my admiration for the time and patience you give to science, I can send you a Breton bisouille well …..



LuneHello everyone,

 well, here, the adventure ends! As you may be happy to go home.

 You will soon see the moon during the day, night, sun, birds, small animals …

 The beauty of our earth so that you will enjoy.

 Bravo, bravo to you all for having taken away from it all.

  Safe arrival among your own! I think of you on November 4th, all day!

 With images, a simple drawing.



AldebarandeHello Moon,

 Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

 I join you to welcome back to our travelers.



Montmein 69

After « landing », there will be a period devoted to a complete medical check-up and debriefing of the mission.

 Do you know what will be the duration and therefore the actual date of your return « at home »?



Thomas Légère:

A small image of my visit to the Louvre, the first castle of the Sun King (then space). Happy to go home?




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