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… François Spiero

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François Spiero

It is the responsibility of the Mars French 500.

It made me happy to see me and answer a few questions …

(Steve Légère)

They announced the figure of more than 8000 candidates for the French mission, the figure is it true, and especially what was decisive for the selection of Roman?

(Francois Spiero)

No, actually there were about 6,000 candidates across Europe, the number of French who filed their nomination to participate in the experiment in March of 500 is fifth, they were over a thousand French on the list.

The nomination of Romanus was selected on its skills and capabilities, many tests were conducted to achieve a rigorous selection, sport and health, of course, but mainly psychological skills and professional background, made him an ideal candidate.

We have read that sport (in space) was important and took much of their time, two hours per day can be read here, 8 hours could anyone read that way, but how much money hours required per day?

8:00? (Laughs) …

No, it’s two hours daily, as well as the astronauts on the ISS. In this regard for astronauts to the International Space Station, the space conditions are that the bone tissue and organ are weakened by lack of weight, heart and legs especially. Two hours of sport are required to avoid the risk of health problems related to space during their stay and return to form on Earth.

Charles Roman, the only French-board seems to be the only one that provided knowledge of mechanics, the others are medical graduates, or who worked with astronauts. What is its main role in the module?

Charles Roman is the deputy commander of the Mars 500, each member of the crew will perform various tasks, and all must learn to do the same things they are technical or medical, they must be able to replace each and others if any were needed, because in space you can not send a replacement like this, (this would require a rescue mission with new astronauts), and that period of time could lead a crew’s loss if it was unable to respond knowledgeably.

One day man will step on the Martian soil, but before we explore this vastness, there does need to consider training missions on the Moon?

Indeed, it is difficult to imagine men leaving the Earth to Mars without having had training in actual conditions in advance, Mars 500 is not the last test before sending men to Mars.

It will certainly be tested in space, especially in the ISS and the Moon. But what are the credits and financial agreements between the states participating in this great adventure which will define the applications and the final choices.

A realistic date for humans on Mars is often announced in 2025-2030 … Is not it a bit « short »? If man would not leave until later, technologically, would it not best placed to run directly to Europe, the promise of water and can be very big surprises?

In fact, space agencies are considering sending men to Mars around 2040. Of course again, the political and financial appropriations decide. Technically, we could send the short term, but the cost of such a mission is simply « astronomical ».

With regard to other destinations in the solar system, they are lower priority. And Mars is fascinating revealed few of its secrets, and deserves to be studied with all the respect due to him.

Thank you Francois Spiero.

Interview by Steve Légère


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