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Thank you all for the messages you’ve sent. It’s always a moment full of smiles and laughter when we read your messages and we discuss it between us.

As many of you have noted, we are now on the way back but I’ll go back in time to share with you this month of February has been eventful.

There were a total of 3 exits on the Martian surface. 3 out of these is the third that I preferred. During this last trip and Diego Alexander strove to torture a poor rock with drills and hammers. Having collected all the samples taken from this hard rock, they headed toward the ship. It was then that Diego has done a superb diving on the sandy soil of Mars! Rest assured, this fall was planned and the aim was to test the ease with which an astronaut can stand up in his suit of 30kg. Alexander came to lend a hand to Diego and it got back up without any worries. Successful experience! J

could not hear the first words of Diego during his first official release, I put the following cons: « Europe has for centuries Explored Earth, led by people like Columbus and Magellan. Today, looking at this red landscape, I can feel how inspiring It Will Be to Look Through the Eyes of the first human to step foot on Mars. I salute all of The Explorers’em tomorrow and wish godspeed. « 

During this period we had a Mars simulation of injury that has allowed our two doctors Sukhrob and Alexander make a diagnosis by teleconference. The unfortunate man was wounded and Wang Yue in the script, he had taken a mobile panel module Martian on his shoulder. The wounds were virtual meteorites. Indeed, in one experiment that my 3 companions were to be made, they must escape a meteor shower, running to a shelter (a cave).

The return to the ship went well. The first point made by Diego, Wang Yue and Alexander was a phrase such as « What is great here! . After spending two weeks in 20m ² to 3, I can understand! Despite a busy day for everyone where we ran right and left, we posed for a fun night to tell our experiences and to enjoy the wonders of Mars with our new diet. Only very late at night when we parted to go to sleep a few hours.

Now that we left in March, returning to Earth is much more present in our discussions. We are changing gradually our vocabulary to say « we are left more than eight months before returning! . We remain cautious however, since according to our psychologists, our journey home will be the most difficult. After the euphoria of February, so we give up our defensive strategies that have enabled us to keep going without problems until March. Your support will be very important.

Ms. Lhote, thank you for your message. Do you know that the two heaviest items in my personal belongings were well supplied both workbooks: Your physics courses and math courses M. Drouet! I am challenged to see them completely before the end of my insulation. However, I must admit (and I’m sorry) I’ve changed priorities since I immersed myself in books rather pointed to the space industry (eg « Safety Design for Space Systems » Musgrave, Larsen and Sgobba). It fits better than I’d like to build a career after this experience « Mars 500 « .

Tonio, I thank you for your message and the photo of Saint Malo. Spent the morning at Salha too. I spend most certainly see you after returning to France.

Irina, this time I will not be a postman. I Give to my computer and Alexander Is His answer here:

Здравствуйте, Ирина. Спасибо за поздравления и поддержку. В свою очередь хочу Вас поздравить с прошедшим 8 марта. Желаю Вам долгой жизни полной радостных сюрпризов, нескончаемого веселья, шумных застолий и бурных романтических приключений; крепкого здоровья, чтобы это выдержать и хорошую работу, чтобы на все это хватало денег. А так же, желаю Вам у успешно сдать экзамеы и в последующем защитить диссертацию.  Всего доброго.

Galaxien, either during the mission to Mars and then, when the reunification of the crew, we did not lose our team spirit. We were repeatedly questioned about whether there was now a « clan Martian »and « orbital clan »but not all. We’re still a crew of 6 people who intended to return to Earth on November 5.

What impresses us is always a lot you all. After spending nine months in complete self-sufficiency, we were really surprised by the sheer number of people following our adventure. This makes us very pleased, thank you all!

I think we read the same article about romantic relationships in space. I have unfortunately no more information about this. It is always a touchy subject it seems. Regarding the experience in March 500, the evolution of our reproductive system is studied. This gives rise to quite comical situations and let your imagination do the job right away. (do not go too far, however, we wish all our physical!)

Montmein and Moon, thank you for scanning the article about the lack of oxygen and -60 ° C. Your skepticism is well justified since it is not true. The commentator in the control room in Moscow had to present the true conditions of Mars and some journalists may have been a mix. In 3 out diving, the temperature fluctuated between 20 ° C and 24 ° C and the air was that of the Earth’s atmosphere. These parameters were also displayed on the screens of the control room (bottom right under the pictures of Diego and Alexander for the first exit).

Lune, the two chairs were in place on the Martian surface in the early training sessions prior to our isolation. They were also used and appreciated during the 3 diving trips in February.

I do not have access to photos with or without red light and I can not give very precise answer. Regarding the 3 diving trips of 14, 18 and 22 February, the Martian surface was illuminated by two ramps halogen ceiling lights, hundreds of LEDs on the walls (indeed « starry sky ») and a « band » red lights placed all around this area and hidden behind rocks (effect … « Mars »?).

Firmas, I have not recalculated the total area of our modules but engineers IBMP gave me the value of 200m ². It seems that the information be best Figaro.

Regarding the question on the Martian module, it was equipped for a stay of 2 weeks in the field for 3 occupants (and not 2 or 3 months). The limiting factor was mainly food but also the return path optimized.

Jacques, we all look forward to returning to Earth but we do not focus too much on it because we still have 240 days before reaching its destination. Our newspaper will be pretty close to what we experienced during the move. We continue to make our hundreds of experience and we will take each new day as a new challenge to get the best.

I still wish you happy holidays for those who have and good luck for others. Enjoy the spring coming and soon,



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