letter 13

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Steve Légère:

Hello Romain, marsonautes hello?

On the eve of 400 days, the summer heat outside, the South of France is already on alert for the drought, it smells like sunscreen, spray and ice cream sand beach .

Congratulations to all six to have managed to combine discipline, courage, understanding and experience not always easy with no end in fist fights or in an atmosphere under high tension, your friendship has made the difference because you are a group determined that neither the social or cultural background or the language barriers have cracked.

In the module, failing to feel the sunscreen, it seems that it will still feel the wax, not for hair removal, but that of birthday candles, July 12th I believe is the next date, and it’s your birthday Romain, 33 years? It is a symbol, I will return in a few days.

My question for the post of the month in March 500, as I imagine you have all or almost kept a personal diary, there publishing projects on your joint venture?

And do you plan to see you again later for a trip of several days in complete autarky (living in the rocky gorges of the Tarn or Ko-Ianthe)? J

What you find most difficult to tackle for the last 120 days?

See you soon, good luck for the rest of your experience, and I tell you in 10 for the poster signed by some of the fiercest your supporters!


What are the lessons learned?

Given the experiences during those 400 days:

1) Are you still a candidate for the trip to Mars inhabited?

2) What do you think of a female presence in the team?

3) Do you think the times of each of the three phases (air fare, scientific experiments on Mars, return flight) Mission to be updated?

4) Do you think that the conditions of this virtual journey can have an unexpected impact on your future life

5) How did you manage to live together, work and relax during those 400 days and what lessons you pull for the immediate 100 days remaining.

We will in CM2, Thursday, June 16, in my school Bouscat intervention of the Solar System and we will talk about yourself, March 500, and your experience.

Good luck for the last 100 days


Kevin and Henry

Jean-Pierre Cantié:


Have a good end of trip. Were you able to keep a day / night rhythm or do you be shifted? If you have some free time you can have a look at my photo blog and leave me any comments. Following on the blog in March 500, your journey, I, too, closing the eyes, attended expérience.Bon your flight home and the next post.

Friendly. J. Pierre Cantié

Robert Maldonado


Courage stretch.

Jack Suire:

In Breizh.

Good luck will soon end.

Jean-Jacques Bersoult:

The long journey home from the March:

Good luck to all, 
 in October I dine with Mr. Aldrin Edwin (Buzz)




space of love thank you


Hello Romain, hello to all the crew!

The weather is warm and sunny in summer, but sometimes he falls of rain. In the past month after the rain I saw a double rainbow sky. They were very colorful! What a wonderful landscape! Unfortunately I did not have a camera photography.

In July you’re going to celebrate some important events: the 400 days, birthdays (birthday) … I think that many will express to you the warmest congratulations, more words full of kindness in writing as the thought in those days! I also address my sincere congratulations on the occasion of 400 days and wish you all the best!

Good day


Ps: Following letter to mark anniversary

Romain, I send the greeting card in advance, I know, but it is played on July 12, if possible. :))

Thank you!





Hello to everyone!

I congratulate you on the 400th day of the flight. I Suggest you start a countdown to the point!

Roman, you have got a Good Opportunity to study different languages. Haw do you estimate your knowledge in: Russian, Italian and Chinese? What language do you fined more easy for you to study Among Them?

Thank you in advance for answering the questions.




The Sun, Earth and Moon, gave us an eclipse on June 15

A lunar eclipse!

The eclipse in the Milky Way

You will see the next.

How many are you kilometers of the Earth now?

See you in March 500 and congratulations to you all.


Montmein 69:


Do you think it is possible to combine a task-test such as your ….. followed (after an interval to be defined) of a real mission?

Anthony Cortez:

SUPER guys …

Isabelle Anquetil Canales:

soon the end of the tunnel good luck to all!

Jordi Lozano:

400! seguida adelante!

Carlos Daniel Grinaldi:

Gracias Por Invitarme !!!…… »

Beatrice Rescazzi:

Thank you! I’m glad to send (at least) my name to the space!

Marie-Laure Pion:

Thank you for giving me such an opportunity! My full support for this mission!

Wanya Tallace :

Happy 400!


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